Bumphead Parrotfish

Bumphead Parrotfish, Scarus perrico

The Bumphead Parrotfish, Scarus perrico, whose common Spanish name is loro jorobado, is a species in the Parrotfish or Scaridae Family, known collectively as loros and pericos in Mexico. Globally, there are 64 species in the genus Scarus, ten of which are found in Mexican waters, six in the Atlantic and four in the Pacific.

The Bumphead Parrotfish have deep compressed bodies. The adults are bluish green with dark blue fins. They have blue beaks and dark spoke-like lines radiating from their eyes. The forehead of mature individuals features a prominent hump. The juveniles have blue beaks, blue lines radiating from their eyes, and blue edging on their fins; they are tan color with a yellowish caudal fin base and fin. Their caudal fin is blunt and their body is covered with large scales.

The Bumphead Parrotfish are found in and around rocky coral reefs at depths up to 100 feet. They reach a maximum length of 80 cm (31.5 inches). They forage during the day, feeding on algae and corals. They are a rare, poorly studied species and very limited information is available about their behavioral patterns.

In Mexican waters the Bumphead Parrotfish have a limited distribution being found from Santa Rosalia southward along the central and southeast coasts of Baja and from Acapulco south to Guatemala along the coast of the mainland.

The Bumphead Parrotfish cannot be confused with any other species due to their blue beaks.

The Bumphead Parrotfish are considered excellent food fish due to their white meat and are sold commercially in most of the major markets in the greater Los Cabos area. I assume that these commercial fish are caught by commercial fishermen utilizing nets.

Bumphead Parrotfish, Scarus perrico, terminal phase (TP) male. Fish provided by the commercial fishermen of the greater Los Cabos area, Baja California Sur, July 2008. Length: 41 cm (17 inches).

Bumphead Parrotfish, Scarus perrico, terminal phase (TP) male. Fish was fish snag hooked out of the surf at Km 12, Twin Dolphins, Baja California Sur, October 2006. Length: 60 cm (24 inches).

Bumphead Parrotfish, Scarus perrico, terminal phase (TP), male. Fish a “wash up” collected off the beach at Palmilla Point, Baja California Sur, January 2010. Length: 64 cm (25 inches).