Conger Eel Family Photos and Information – Congridae

The Conger Eel Family – Congridae

There are four members of the Conger Eel or Congridae Family, all from the Pacific, currently presented in this website:

Hardtail Conger, Gnathophis cinctus.

Needletail Conger, Rhynchoconger nitens.

Ringeye Conger, Paraconger californiensis.

Shorttail Conger, Paraconger similis.

The fish of the Conger Eel or Congridae Family are a fairly large group of mid-sized to large fish measuring up to 2 meters (6 feet) in length that have elongated to very elongated bodies and are found throughout the subtropical and tropical seas of the world. They are known in Mexico as congrios. The family includes the Conger Eels and the Garden Eels and has one hundred nineteen global species that have been subdivided into three subfamilies and placed in twenty-nine genera. Their bodies are rounded at the front and become compressed towards the rear. Their tails are longer than the rest of their head and body. All Conger Eels have relatively large eyes, a tubular front nostril, and a rear nostril that is usually found on the side of the head in front of the eyes. They have well-developed upper and lower lip flanges and small lateral gill openings. Their anal and dorsal fins are continuous with their caudal fin and their dorsal fin originates slightly behind their pectoral fins. They do not have pelvic fins and all their fins are spineless. They have a complete lateral line and are devoid of scales.

The Congridae normally burrow in sand tail first during the day and forage at night. There is no commercial interest in these fish at present. They are caught as a by-catch of deep water trawls and sold on a limited basis in local markets in some parts of the world.