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A special THANK YOU to Ondřej Radosta, Prague, Czech Republic, for his tireless support in crab identification and nomenclature.


Crabs Currently within this WWW Site – 17

Alphabetical List by Common Name

Alphabetical List by Genus and Species

 Alphabetical List by Family


Arrow Crab of the Inachidae Family (1)

Panamic Arrow Crab
Stenorhynchus debilus

Box Crab of the Calappidae Family (1)

Shamed-face Box Crab*
Calappa convexa

Ghost Crab of the Ocypodidae Family (1)

Ghost Crab*
Ocypode occidentalis

Mole Crabs of the Hippidae Family (3)

Coldwater Mole Crab*
Emerita analoga

Pacific Mole Crab*
Hippa pacifica

Striated Mole Crab*
Hippa strigillata

Mud and Stone Crab of the Xanthidae Family (1)

Lumpy Claw Crab*
Eriphia squamata

Shore Crabs of the Grapsidae Family (2)

Purple Shore Crab*
Hemigrapsus nudus

Sally Lightfoot Crab*
Grapsus grapsus

Spider Crabs of the Majidae Family (3)

Harbor Spider Crab*
Mithrax armatus

Mexican Spider Crab*
Libinia mexicana

Panamic Spider Crab*
Maiopsis panamensis

Swim Crabs of the Portunidae Family (5)

Green Crab*
Callinectes bellicosus

Red Swim Crab*
Cronius ruber

Robust Swim Crab*
Euphylax robustus

Rough Swim Crab*
Portunus asper

Sand Swim Crab*
Arenaeus mexicanus