Dophinfish Family Photos and Information – Coryphaenidae

The Dophinfish Family – Coryphaenidae

There are two members of the Dophinfish Family currently presented in this website:

Dorado, Coryphaena hippurus, male.

Pompano Dorado, Coryphaena equiselis, female.

The fish of the Dolphinfish or Coryphaenidae Family are known in Mexico’s fishing areas as dorados. Members of the family are found globally in tropical and warm temperate seas. The family has two species in one genera, both found in all Mexican waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific.

The two Dorados are similar in appearance having elongated compressed bodies, one being moderate in size and the other being larger and reaching a maximum length of 2.3 meters (6 feet 11 inches) and weighing close to 50 kg (110 pounds). Live fish are very variable in color displaying golden hues in combination with brilliant metallic greens and blues. Their body and head are covered with numerous small black spots. Juveniles have vertical dark bars. Males have a bony crested forehead and a very steep profile. Females have rounded head profiles. Both have large mouths with numerous small teeth in bands on both jaws. Their anal fins are long and nearly reach the tail; their caudal fin is deeply forked; and their single continuous dorsal fin has a very long base with 48 to 65 rays. Their anal and dorsal fins do not have isolated finlets. Their pectoral and pelvic fins are short. Their lateral lines are arched over the pectoral fins. They are covered with small smooth scales.

The Dorados are highly migratory schooling pelagic species that are normally found near the surface and have a tendency to congregate around floating objects. They are swift predators that feed on fish (flyingfish being a favorite) and squid. They are one of the fastest growing species in the ocean and serve as a primary food source for many large predators. They are also one of the major focus sportsfish for recreational anglers being caught with trolling lures or live bait. Scientifically they are known as Dolphinfish. They are sold commercially as mahi-mahi, a name adopted to reduce public confusion.