Fish Family Groups Alphabetical Table of Contents

FISH FAMILY GROUPS ALPHABETICAL TABLE of CONTENTS:  This page provides a list of fishes found in this website presented in alphabetical order by Family Groups.  There are two sections – the first is alphabetical by Common Family Name and the second is alphabetized by Scientific Family Name.

American Round Stingray Family (Urotrygonidae)
American Sole Family (Achiridae), see Pacific Lined Sole
Angelfish Family (Pomacanthidae)
Angel Shark Family (Squatinidae), see Pacific Angel Shark
Anchovy Family (Engraulidae)
Argentine Family (Argentindae), see Pacific Argentine
Barracuda Family (Sphyraenidae)
Bass Family (Serranidae)
Batfish Family (Ogocephalidae), see Roundel Batfish and Shortnose Batfish
Bigeye Family (Pricanthidae)
Bigscale and Ridgehead Family (Melamphaidae), see Crested Bigscale
Billfish Family (Istiophoridae)
Bluefish Family (Pomatomidae), see Bluefish
Bonefish Family (Albulidae)
Boxfish Family (Ostraciidae)
Bramble Shark Family (Echinorhinidae), see Prickly Shark
Bristlemouth Family (Gonostomatidae), see Pacific Portholefish
Bullhead Shark Family (Heterodontidae), see Horn Shark and Mexican Horn Shark
Butterfish Family (Stromateidae)
Butterfly Ray Family (Gymnuridae), see California Butterfly Ray
Butterflyfish Family (Chaetodontidae), see Barberfish and Threebanded Butterflyfish
Cabezon Family (Scorpaenichthyidae), see Cabezon
Carp and True Minnow Family (Cyprinidae)
Cardinalfish Family (Apogonidae)
Cat Shark Family (Scyliorhinidae), see Swell Shark
Catfish, North American Family (Ictaluridae), see Black Bullhead and Channel Catfish
Cichlid Family (Cichlidae)
Clingfish Family (Gobiesocidae)
Codlet Family (Bregmacerotidae), see East Pacific Codlet
Combtooth Blenny Family (Blenniidae)
Conger Eel Family (Congridae)
Cornetfish Family (Fistularidae)
Cow Shark Family (Hexanchidae), see Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
Croaker Family (Scianidae)
Cusk-eel Family (Ophidiidae)
Cutlassfish Family (Trichluridae)
Damselfish Family (Pomacentridae)
Deep-sea Smelt Family (Bathylagidae), see Snubnose Blacksmelt
Dogfish Shark Family (Squalidae), see Pacific Spiny Dogfish
Dolphinfish Family (Corphaenidae)
Dragonet Family (Callionymidae), see Blackliped Dragonet
Duckbill Eel Family (Nettastomatidae), see Dogface Witch Eel
Eagle Ray Family (Myliobatidae)
Eel, Freshwater Family (Anguillidae), see American Eel
Electric Ray Family (Narcinidae)
False Moray Family (Chlopsidae), see Stripesnout False Moray
Filefish Family (Moncanthidae)
Flagfin Family (Aulopidae), see Eastern Pacific Flagfin
Flashlightfish Family (Anomalopidae) – see Panamic Flashlightfish
Flying Gurnard Family (Dactylopteridae) – see Flying Gurnard
Flyingfish Family (Exocoetidae)
Frogfish Family (Antennaridae)
Goatfish Family (Mullidae)
Goby Family (Gobiidae)
Goosefish Family (Lophiidae)
Greenling Family (Hexagrammidae)
Grouper Family (Epinephelidae)
Grunt Family (Haemulidae)
Guitarfish Family (Rhinobatidae)
Hagfish Family (Myxinidae) – see Pacific Hagfish
Halfbeak Family (Hemiramphidae)
Hammerhead Shark Family (Sphyrnidae)
Hatchetfish Family (Sternoptychidae)
Hawkfish Family (Cirrhitidae)
Herring Family (Clupeidae)
Hound Shark Family (Triakidae)
Jack Family (Carangidae)
Jawfish Family (Opistognathidae)
Kelp Blenny Family (Clinidae) – see Giant Kelpfish and Spotted Kelpfish
Labrisomid Blenny Family (Labrisomidae)
Lanternfish Family (Myctophidae)
Lefteye Flounder Family (Bothidae)
Lightfish Family (Phosichthyidae) – see Panama Lightfish
Livebearers Family (Poeciliidae) – see Pike Killifish, Western Mosquitofish and Yucatán Gambusia
Lizardfish Family (Synodontidae)
Longfin Herring Family (Pristigasteridae) – see Yellowfin Herring
Gar Family (Lepisoteidae) – see Longnose Gar
Louvar Family (Luvaridae), see Louvar
Mackerel Family (Scombridae)
Medusafish Family (Centrolophidae), see Medusafish
Megamouth Shark Family (Megachasmidae) – see Megamouth Shark
Merlucciid Hake Family (Merluccidae), see Pacific Hake
Milkfish Family (Chanidae) – see Milkfish
Mojarra Family (Gerreidae)
Mola Family (Molidae) – see Ocean Sunfish
Moorish Idol Family (Zanclidae) – see Moorish Idol
Moray Family (Muraenidae)
Mullet Family (Mugilidae)
Needlefish Family (Belonidae)
Parrotfish Family (Scaridae)
Pike Conger Family (Muraenesocidae), see Conehead Eel
Pipefish and Seahorse Family (Syngnathidae), see Pacific Seahorse
Pomfret Family (Bramidae), see Sickle Pomfret
Porcupinefish Family (Diodontidae)
Porgy Family (Sparidae)
Prickleback Family (Stichaeidae), see Monkeyface Prickleback
Puffer Family (Tetradontidae)
Pupfish Family (Cyprinodontidae), see Sheepshead Minnow
Requiem Shark Family (Carcharhinidae)
Remora Family (Echeneidae)
Ribbonfish Family (Trachipteridae), see King-of-the-Salmon
Righteye Flounders Family (Pleuronectidae)
Rockfish and Scorpionfish Family (Scorpaenidae)
Roosterfish Family (Nematistiidae), see Roosterfish
Sablefish Family (Anopolopomatidae), see Sablefish
Salmon and Trout Family (Salmonidae), see Rainbow Trout
Sand Flounder Family (Paralichthyidae)
Sand Lance Family (Ammodytidae), see Panamic Sand Lance
Sand Stargazer Family (Dactyloscopidae)
Sculpin Family (Cottidae), see Pacific Staghorn Sculpin and Woolly Sculpin
Sea Catfish Family (Ariidae)
Sea Chub Family (Kyphosidae)
Seabass Family (Polyproionidae), see Giant Sea Bass
Searobin Family (Triglidae)
Seven-finned Catfish Family (Heptapteridae), see Pale Catfish
Shortnose Chimaera Family (Chimaeridae), see EP Black Ghostshark and Spotted Ratfish
Silversides, New World Family (Atherinopsidae)
Silversides, Old World Family (Atherinidae), see Hardhead Silverside
Skate Family (Rajidae)
Sleeper Family (Eleotridae)
Snailfish Family (Liparidae), see Blacktail Snailfish
Snake Eel Family (Ophichthidae)
Snake Mackerel Family (Gempylidae) – see Snake Mackerel
Snapper Family (Lutianidae)
Snipefish and Shrimpfish Family (Centriscidae) – see Slender Snipefish

Snook Family (Centropomidae)
Spadefish Family (Ephippidae), see Atlantic Spadefish and Pacific Spadefish
Spaghetti Eel Family (Mornguidae), see Smalleye Spaghetti Eel
Splitfin Family (Goodeidae)
Squirrelfish Family (Holocentridae)
Stargazer Family (Uranoscopidae)
Sucker Family (Catostomidae), see Smallmouth Buffalo
Sunfish Family (Centrarchidae), see Bluegill and Largemouth Bass
Surfperch Family (Embiotocidae)
Surgeonfish Family (Acanthuridae)
Tarpon Family (Megalopidae) – see Tarpon
Tenpounder Family (Elopidae), see Machete
Tetras Family (Characidae), see Banded Tetra
Thornback Family (Platyrhynidae), see Thornback
Threadfin Family (Polynemidae), see Yellow Bobo
Thresher Shark Family (Alopiidae), see Common Thresher and Pelagic Thresher
Tilefish Family (Malacanthidae)
Toadfish Family (Batrachoidadae)
Tonguefish Family (Cynoglossidae)
Topminnow Family (Fundulidae), see Gulf Killifish, Fundulus grandis
Triggerfish Family (Balistidae)
Triplefin Family (Tripterygiidae), see Carmine Triplefin
Tripletail Family (Lobotidae), see Atlantic Tripletail and Pacific Tripletail
Trumpetfish Family (Aulostomidae), see Chinese Trumpetfish
Tube Blenny Family (Chaenopsidae)
Viviparous Brotula Family (Bythitidae), see Red Brotula
Whale Shark Family (Rhincodontidae), see Whale Shark
Whiptail Stingray Family (Dasyatidae)
Wrasse Family (Labridae)


Acanthuridae – Surgeonfish Family
Achiridae or American Sole Family, see Pacific Lined Sole
Albulidae – Bonefish Family
Alopiidae or Thresher Shark Family, see Common Thresher and Pelagic Thresher
Ammodytidae or Sand Lance Family, see Panamic Sand Lance
Anguillidae or Freshwater Eel Family, see American Eel
Anomalopidae or Flashlightfish Family, see Panamic Flashlightfish
Anopolopomatidae or Sablefish Family, see Sablefish
Antennariidae – Frogfish Family
Apogonidae – Cardinalfish Family
Ariidae – Sea Catfish Family

Aulopidae or Flagfin Family, see Eastern Pacific Flagfin 
Aulostomidae or Trumpetfish Family, see Chinese Trumpetfish
Argentindae or Argentine Family, see Pacific Argentine
Atherinidae or Old World Silverside Family, see Hardhead Silverside
Atherinopsidae – New World Silversides Family
Balistidae – Triggerfish Family
Bathylagidae or Deep-sea Smelt Family, see Snubnose Blacksmelt
Batrachoidadae – Toadfish Family
Belonidae – Needlefish Family
Blenniidae – Combtooth Blenny Family
Bothidae – Lefteye Flounder Family
Bramidae or Pomfret Family, see Sickle Pomfret
Bregmacerotidae or Codlet Family, see East Pacific Codlet
Bythitidae or Viviparous Brotula Family, see Red Brotula
Callionymidae or Dragonet Family, see Blackliped Dragonet
Carangidae – Jack Family
Carcharhinidae – Requiem Shark Family
Castostomidae or Sucker Family, see Smallmouth Buffalo
Centrarchidae or Sunfish Family, see Bluegill and Largemouth Bass
Centrolophidae or Medusafish Family, see Medusafish
Centropomidae – Snook Family
Chaenopsidae – Tube Blenny Family
Chaetodontidae or Butterflyfish Family, see Barberfish & Threebanded Butterflyfish
Chanidae or Milkfish Family, see Milkfish 
Characidae or Tetras Family, see Banded Tetra
Chimaeridae or Shortnose Chimaera Family, see Eastern Pacific Black Ghostshark Spotted Ratfish
Chlopsidae or False Moray Family, see Stripesnout False Moray
Centriscidae or Snipefish and Shrimpfish Family, see Slender Snipefish
Cichlidae – Cichlid Family

Cirrhitidae – Hawkfish Family
Clinidae or Kelp Blenny Family – see Giant Kelpfish and Spotted Kelpfish
Clupeidae – Herring Family
Congridae – Conger Eel Family
Corphaenidae – Dolphinfish Family
Cottidae or Sculpin Family, see Pacific Staghorn Sculpin and Woolly Sculpin
Cyprinidae – Carp and True Minnow Family
Cynoglossidae – Tonguefish Family
Cyprinodontidae or Pupfish Family, see Sheepshead Minnow
Dactylopteridae or Flying Gurnard Family, see Flying Gurnard
Dactyloscopidae – Sand Stargazer Family
Dasyatidae – Whiptail Stringray Family

Diodontidae – Porcupinefish Family
Echeneidae – Remora Family
Echinorhinidae or Bramble Shark Family, see Prickly Shark
Eleotridae – Sleeper Family
Elopidae or Tenpounder Family, see Machete
Embiotocidae – Surfperch Family
Engraulidae – Anchovy Family
Ephippidae or Spadefish Family, see Atlantic Spadefish and Pacific Spadefish
Epinephelidae- Grouper Family
Exocoetidae – Flyingfish Family

Fistulariidae – Cornetfish Family
Fundulidae or Topminnow Family, see Gulf Killifish, Fundulus grandis
Gempylidae – Snake Mackerel Family, see Snake Mackerel
Gerreidae – Mojarra Family
Gobiesocidae – Clingfish Family
Gobiidae – Goby Family
Gonostomatidae or Bristlemouth Family, see Pacific Portholefish
Goodeidae – Splitfin Family
Gymnuridae or Butterfly Ray Family, see California Butterfly Ray

Haemulidae – Grunt Family
Hemiramphidae – Halfbeak Family

Heptapteridae or Seven-finned Catfish, see Pale Catfish
Heterodonitdae or Bullhead Shark Family, see Horn Shark and Mexican Horn Shark
Hexagrammidae – Greenling Family
Hexanchidae or Cow Shark Family, see Bluntnose Sixgill Shark
Holocentridae – Squirrelfish Family
Ictaluridae or North American Catfish Family, see Black Bullhead and Channel Catfish
Istiophoridae – Billfish Family
Kyphosidae – Sea Chub Family
Labridae – Wrasse Family
Labrisomidae – Labrisomid Blenny Family
Lepisoteidae or Gar Family, see Longnose Gar
Liparidae  or Snailfish Family, see Blacktail Snailfish
Lobotidae or Tripletail Family, see Atlantic Tripletail and Pacific Tripletail 
Lophiidae – Goosefish Family
Lutianidae – Snapper Family
Luvaridae or Louvar Family, see Louvar
Malacanthidae – Tilefish Family
Megachasmidae or Megamouth Shark Family, see Megamouth Shark 
Megalopidae or Tarpon Family, see Tarpon
Melamphaidae or Bigscale and Ridgehead Family, see Crested Bigscale
Merlucciidae or Merlucciid Hake Family, see Pacific Hake
Molidae or Mola Family, see Ocean Sunfish
Monacanthidae – Filefish Family
Mornguidae or Spaghetti Eel Family, see Smalleye Spaghetti Eel
Mugilidae – Mullet Family
Muraenidae – Moray Family
Mullidae – Goatfish Family
Muraenesocidae or Pike Conger Family, see Conehead Eel
Myctophidae – Lanternfish Family
Myliobatidae – Eagle Ray Family
Myxinidae or Hagfish Family, see Pacific Hagfish
Narcinidae – Electric Ray Family
Nematistiidae or Roosterfish Family,  see Roosterfish
Nettastomatidae or Duckbill Eel Family, see Dogface Witch Eel
Ogocephalidae or Batfish Family, see Roundel Batfish and Shortnose Batfish
Ophichthidae – Snake Eel Family
Ophidiidae – Cusk-eel Family
Opistognathidae – Jawfish Family
Ostraciidae – Boxfish Family
Paralichthyidae – Sand Flounder Family
Phosichthyidae or Lightfish Family, see Panama Lightfish
Platyrhynidae or Thornback Family, see Thornback
Pleuronectidae – Righteye Flounder Family
Poeciliidae or Livebearer Family, see Pike Killifish, Western Mosquitofish and  Yucatán Gambusia
Polynemidae or Threadfin Family, see Yellow Bobo
Polyproionidae or Seabass Family, see Giant Sea Bass
Pomacentridae – Damselfish Family
Pomatomidae – Angelfish Family
Pomatomidae or Bluefish Family, see Bluefish
Pricanthidae – Bigeye Family
Pristigasteridae or Longfin Herring Family,  see Yellowfin Herring
Rajidae – Skate Family
Whale Shark Family (Rhincodontidae), see Whale Shark
Rhinobatidae – Guitarfish Family
Salmonidae or Salmon and Trout Family, see Rainbow Trout
Scaridae – Parrotfish Family
Scianidae – Croaker Family
Scombridae – Mackerel Family
Scorpaenidae – Rockfish and Scorpionfish Family
Scorpaenichthyidae or Cabezon Family,  see Cabezon
Scyliorhinidae or Cat Shark Family,  see Swell Shark
Serranidae – Bass (Sea) Family
Sparidae – Porgy Family
Sphyraenidae – Barracuda Family
Sphyrnidae – Hammerhead Shark Family
Squalidae or Dogfish Shark Family, see Pacific Spiny Dogfish
Squatinidae or Angel Shark Family, see Pacific Angel Shark
Sternoptychidae – Hatchetfish Family
Stichaeidae or Prickleback Family, see Monkeyface Prickleback
Stromateidae – Butterfish Family
Syngnathidae – Pipefish and Seahorse Family, see Pacific Seahorse
Synodontidae – Lizardfish Family
Tetradontidae – Puffer Family
Trachipteridae or Ribbonfish Family, see King-of-the-Salmon
Triakidae – Hound Shark Family
Trichluridae – Cutlassfish Family
Triglidae – Searobin Family
Tripterygiidae – Triplefin Family, see Carmine Triplefin
Uranoscopidae -Stargazer Family
Urotrygonidae – American Round Stingray Family
Zanclidae or Moorish Idol Family, see Moorish Idol