Lefteye Flounder Family Photos and Information – Bothidae

The Lefteye Flounder Family – Bothidae

Pacific Leopard Flounder, Bothus leopardinus, a representative member of the Lefteye Flounder or Bothidae Family.

The fish of the Lefteye Flounder or Bothidae Family are small to mid-sized flounders of variable shapes with oval to elongated highly flattened disc-like bodies. They are all left-eyed with an arched lateral line on their eyed-side.They are known in Mexico as lenguados chuecos. Members of this family are found globally in tropical and temperate seas with one hundred sixty species in twenty genera. They reach a maximum length of 45 cm (18 inches).

The Lefteye Flounders have asymmetrical protrusible mouths with a prominent lower jaw; most have visible canine teeth and a visible gill cover. Their anal and dorsal fins contain numerous segmented rays and are separated from the caudal fin. Their dorsal fin originates above or ahead of their eyes. They have both pectoral and pelvic fins with the eyed-side pelvic fin having a long base situated on the body mid-line and originating before the blind-side pelvic fin. They do not have fin spines.

The Lefteye Flounders have a tan or light brown coloration with the eyed-side having spots, blotches or rings; their ventral size is light colored. They are often sexually dimorphic with differences in the separation of their eyes and length of their pectoral fins. In some species the males have dark colors. They typically inhabit sandy and muddy bottoms being well camouflaged and blending into their surroundings and they have the ability to change colors to match the substrate. They consume fish and crustaceans.

There are two members of the Lefteye Flounder Family currently presented in this website:

Pacific Leopard Flounder, Bothus leopardinus
Speckledtail Flounder, Engyophrys sanctilaurentii