Pacific Flagfin Mojarra

Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Eucinostomus currani

The Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Eucinostomus currani, whose common Spanish name is mojarra tricolor, and whose local name is mojarra canalera, is a species in the Mojarra or Gerreidae Family, known collectively as mojarras in Mexico. Globally, there are 11 species in the genus Eucinostomus, all 11 of which are found in Mexican waters, seven in the Atlantic and four in the Pacific.

The Pacific Flagfin Mojarras have elongated oval bodies that have depths that are 40 – 45% of standard length. They are silvery white in color and the tip of their spiny dorsal fin has a wide black tip, a key to identification. They have no additional distinguishing marks. Their head has concave upper and lower profiles with a pointed snout and their mouth is highly extensible, pointing downward when protruded. They have smooth gill covers. Their anal fin has three slender spines and seven rays with the second spine being short, their caudal fin is deeply forked, their dorsal fin has nine spines and ten rays and is elevated at the front, and their pectoral fins are short and pointed and do not reach the anal fin origin. Their lateral line is slightly arched. Their head and body are covered with rough scales.

The Pacific Flagfin Mojarras reside in shallow coastal areas including mangrove estuaries and fresh water lagoons at depths up to 330 feet. They have a maximum length of 23 cm (9.1 inches). They are a poorly studied species and very limited information is available about their behavioral patterns.

In Mexico the Pacific Flagfin Mojarra are found in all waters of the Pacific.

The Pacific Flagfin Mojarra is most likely confused with the Golden Mojarra, Diapterus aureolus (wider and rounder body; margin of gill cover serrated).

The Pacific Flagfin Mojarra is too small and too rare to be of interest to most.

Pacific Flagfin Mojarra

Pacific Flagfin Mojarra, Eucinostomus currani. Caught out of the surf at El Tule, Km 15, Baja California Sur, January 2015. Length: 19.8 cm (7.8 inches).