Righteye Flounder Family Photo and Information – Pleuronectidae

The Righteye Flounder Family – Pleuronectidae

Hornyhead Turbot, Pleuronichthys verticalis, a representative member of the Righteye Flounder of Pleuronectidae Family.

Members of the Righteye Flounder or Pleuronectidae Family, known as platijas in Mexico, are medium to large flounders of variable shapes with oval to elongated highly flattened disc-like bodies. They reach a maximum length of 2.6 meters (8 feet 6 inches). Members of this family are found globally in tropical and temperate seas and include sixty individual species placed into twenty-three genera. They are all right-eyed with a straight lateral line on both sides. They have a small mouth with small teeth. The border of their gill cover is free and very evident. Their caudal fin is not attached to the anal or dorsal fins. Their dorsal fin originates over or before the eyes and their symmetrical pelvic fins are inserted on both sides of the body. Their fins have no spines and their gill rakers are elongated.

The Righteye Flounders vary in color from light brown to dark chocolate brown with the eyed-size often having spots or blotches. They quickly lose the majority of these spots and blotches upon death and become uniformly drab brown. Their blind side is off-white. They typically inhabit sandy and muddy bottoms. They are well camouflaged and blend into their surroundings as they have the ability to change colors to match their substrate. They consume benthic fish and crustaceans. Reproduction is via external fertilization and pelagic eggs.

The Righteye Flounders date to the lower Tertiary Eocene period, 8 million years ago. Many members of this Family are considered important food fish.

There are seven members of the Righteye Flounder Family, all from the Pacific, presented in this website:

Arrowtooth Flounder, Atheresthes stomias
C-O Sole, Pleuronichthys coenosus
Diamond Turbot, Pleuronichthys guttulatus
Hornyhead Turbot, Pleuronichthys verticalis
Ocellated Turbot, Pleuronichthys ocellatus
Pacific Halibut, Hippoglossus stenolepis
Rex Sole, Glyptocephalus zachirus